Jims Wholesale Gopher - Wholesale Gopher Ripped me off!

Davenport, Iowa 1 comment

I joined a wholesale club called wholsalegopher.com in January 2009. I place an order for 6 small pieces of jewelry on 1/18/09. They never sent my order, admitted that it was not sent, And promised to credit my account.

After numerous letters I called and talked to the owner Jim who assured me that they would take care of it. This is Oct and I am still waiting. It was only $50.57 but if they do that to 10 to 15 people a month they are making a hefty profit.

These people are crooks! They have given me nothing but the run around.

Review about: Jewelry.



Wholesalegopher is a site portal like that of Google.com and yahoo.com . We don't have anything to do with consumers you purchased from that didn't send your products. You must contact them direct.

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